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Southern Geocacher's Association

Founded on the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts,  this site and the Southern Geocacher's Association are meant to complement the many state and local geocaching clubs and associations in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama by providing a structured site and organization for the coordination and promotion of multi-state, regional and inter-regional interests and events associated with recreational GPS use.

Participation at both the individual and organizational level is completely voluntary.  Whether you use the resources here to augment your state or local organization, or adopt us as you on line community of choice, everyone is welcome.  Membership and participation are not limited to those who are physically located in the South, but be warned!  If you spend much time here, before long you'll want to get in the car and come visit all your new friends down this way!

One last thing:  We have some guidelines for forum participation.  They are all based on good manners and common sense.  Read them if you see fit, or just be nice and use your inside voice and things will go just fine.

Welcome to the Site Folks!


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